Assorted Christmas Gift Tags 12 Pack - Series 1

Greetings From Hell

  • $15.00

Don't you hate it when it's Christmas morning and no one knows whose gift is whose? The solution is Greetings From Hell's Assorted Christmas Gift Tags. Each tag is made from quality brown card and includes a brown string tie.

12 unique phrases:

  • 1 x don't get your hopes up.
  • 1 x apologies for this gift.
  • 1 x don't touch me.
  • 1 x remember it's the thought that counts.
  • 1 x merry fucking whatever.
  • 1 x santa doesn't know you like i do.
  • 1 x i bought this last night.
  • 1 x peace, love, joy & all that shit.
  • 1 x here's your fucking gift.
  • 1 x don't let the cheap wrapping fool you.
  • 1 x you're impossible to shop for.
  • 1 x merry fucking christmas.

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