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Greetings From Hell

Assorted Christmas Gift Tags 12 Pack - Series 2

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Don't you hate it when it's Christmas morning and no one knows whose gift is whose? The solution is Greetings From Hell's Assorted Christmas Gift Tags. Each tag is made from quality brown card and includes a brown string tie.

12 unique phrases:

  • 1 x for a naughty bitch.
  • 1 x santa isn't real.
  • 1 x merry cuntmas.
  • 1 x merry christmas you filthy animal.
  • 1x merry christmas dickhead.
  • 1 x spoiler alert. it's from Kmart.
  • 1 x regifted with love.
  • 1 x act surprised.
  • 1 x you're bloody welcome.
  • 1 x wrapped like crap.
  • 1 x you're used to big packages.
  • 1 x straight outta North Pole.